Park Foundation’s application process strives to minimize unnecessary work for prospective grantees while collecting the information needed to determine whether a project, program or organization has funding potential.

Before developing a proposal, prospective grantees should consult Program Interests to determine potential for funding. Calls or emails to program staff are also welcome to help assess fit with program interests.  Proposals and letters of inquiry are reviewed on a quarterly basis; please see the application deadlines below.

Proposals are considered a confidential communication between the applicant and the Foundation.  The Foundation reserves the right to seek input from outside individuals as part of its review process.  This may include other funders, partner organizations and members of the impacted community.  Information obtained as part of this review is considered confidential to the Foundation, but may be shared with the grantee if deemed appropriate and helpful to them.

Applicants have the option of submitting letters of inquiry and full proposals via two mechanisms: electronically, or by mail.


To reduce paper and encourage timely submissions, applicants may submit Letters of Inquiry and full proposals electronically. Prospective applicants may want to consider submitting a Letter of Inquiry as a preliminary step before submitting a full proposal.  Although a Letter of Inquiry is not required before submitting a full proposal, the Foundation does recommend it specifically for (1) documentary requests; (2) when an organization is new to the Foundation; or 3) if the applicant is unsure whether the request fits the Foundation’s guidelines.



If applicants have questions about the electronic forms or process, please call our office at 607.272.9124 or email to


Emailed or faxed proposals or letter of inquiry are only accepted with prior approval from the Foundation.  Please use the application documents provided below and submit all written correspondence to:

Park Foundation, Inc.,
140 Seneca Way, Suite 100
Ithaca, NY 14850.

Submitting a Proposal or letter of inquiry by Mail

The application instructions and form are downloadable here: APPLICATION SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS AND FORM (WORD/PDF)* 

The letter of inquiry form is available and downloadable here: LETTER OF INQUIRY (WORD/PDF)*

*Download Documents:

  • Right-click on the link to the document
  • Select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As.”
  • Save the document to your hard drive. You may want to make a note of where you saved it.
  • Open PDFs in Adobe Reader. Open Word documents in Microsoft Word.
  • You can also open the file in the appropriate program by double-clicking in the file on your computer after downloading it.
2017 Proposal Submission Deadlines

January 6
March 31
July 7
September 29

Proposals must arrive at the Foundation’s office by the dates listed to be considered for a grant at the next quarterly Board meeting. All proposals received will be acknowledged by email, usually within a week of receipt. While the Foundation does not guarantee it, most decisions on full proposals are made within the quarter. Occasionally, proposals are deferred to a subsequent quarter for reasons of volume, need for additional review, or other circumstances. Applicants will be notified if a deferral occurs.

General Inquiries

Foundation staff may be reached at 607.272.9124, or questions can be directed to, and they will be forwarded to the appropriate staff for response.