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Environmental grants primarily made at the initiative of the Foundation.


Brooklyn, NY
General operating support

Consumer Watchdog

Santa Monica, CA
Research, education and advocacy project holding the Brown Administration accountable for its oil and gas positions

Green America

Washington, DC
Encourage corporate adoption of clean energy and promote its "Vote With Your Dollar" campaign


Dogwood Alliance, Inc.

Asheville, NC
Our Forests Aren't Fuel and The Wetland Forests Initiative

Public Citizen Foundation, Inc.

Washington, DC
Challenging New York's proposed nuclear power plant subsidy

Environment California Research & Policy Center, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA
Build a citizen movement against fracking

Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, Inc.

Cleveland, OH
Development of Pipeline Information Network

Mothers Out Front, Inc.

Cambridge, MA
Organizing work in New York State

Nebraska Easement Action Team

Hastings, NE
Pipeline Fighter Hub

Virginia Organizing, Inc.

Charlottesville, VA
Health and Environmental Funders Network

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