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These grants support efforts in New York, and in some cases on a regional/national level, that decrease reliance on fossil fuels, particularly natural gas, or that help shift New York State's energy needs away from conventional fossil fuel sources and toward a clean energy system that is accessible, affordable and protective of citizens' health.


Ceres, Inc.

Boston, MA
Investor Summit on Climate Risk: Global Investement Opportunities in Implementing the Paris Climate Agreement


Washington, DC
People vs. Oil and Gas Infrastructure Summit


Washington, DC
Curbing natural gas expansion in the Eastern U.S. through analysis and action on mid-stream infrastructure and waste management

Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, Inc.

Cleveland, OH
Energy finance training for advocates working on unconventional gas and oil campaigns

Netcentric Campaigns, Inc.

Washington, DC
Halt the Harm Network

Partnership for Policy Integrity

Pelham, MA
Mapping confidential fracking chemicals

Sierra Club Foundation

Oakland, CA
Campaign to stop gas pipelines

Sustainable Markets Foundation

New York, NY
50/50 Climate Project

Virginia Organizing, Inc.

Charlottesville, VA
Science Communications Network's project on health effects associated with unconventional oil and gas operations

Catskill Mountainkeeper, Inc.

Livingston Manor, NY
New Yorkers for Clean Power