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Sustainable Ithaca

These grants are focused on sustainability issues in Tompkins County, New York, including the subprogram areas of Energy and Climate Change, Environmental Health and Toxic Threats, Greening Systems, and Education and Behavior Change.

Sustainable Ithaca > Ecosystem Conservation

These grants include both terrestrial and aquatic systems conservation and restoration.  Primary emphasis of aquatic systems is Cayuga Lake and its tributaries.  Overall goal is to maintain an intact, functional ecosystems in Tompkins County.  Projects and programs that address toxic threats to humans and natural systems will also be considered.


Cayuga Lake Watershed Network

Aurora , NY
Protecting the Cayuga Lake Watershed in the Era of "No Normal" (over 2 years)

Friends of Stewart Park, Inc.

Ithaca, NY
General operating support (over 2 years)

Social Ventures, Inc.

Ithaca, NY
Monitoring potential ground surface displacement related to underground salt mining.

Sustainable Markets Foundation

New York, NY
New York Water Pollution and Harmful Algal Bloom Clean Up Campaign


Candor High School

Candor, NY
Air Quality Egg Install and Operation

Sciencenter Discovery Museum

Ithaca, NY
Future Science Leaders: Watershed Education Project

Town of Ithaca

Ithaca, NY
Educational boat trip for municipal officials

Cayuga Lake Watershed Network

Auroroa, NY
Raising the pressure for watershed and clean water protection

The Finger Lakes Land Trust, Inc.

Ithaca, NY
Cayuga Lake Water Quality Initiative (over 2 years)

Sustainable Markets Foundation

New York, NY
Protect Cayuga Lake Campaign

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