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These grants support efforts at the national scale or in New York State that promote: strong and enforced water policies; increased investment in publicly owned and operated water infrastructure; empowerment of communities and individuals to exercise their rights to protect drinking water resources; and reduced consumption of bottled water.


As You Sow

Oakland , CA
Investor related work on water resources and risks

River Network

Boulder, CO
Defending clean water by strengthening policy networks and organizations (over 2 years)

University of Wisconsin Foundation

Madison, WI
Mayors Innovation Project's work to maintain effective public water utilities

American Rivers, Inc.

Washington , DC
Ensuring clean drinking water supplies through core national and state policies and innovative water infrastructure

Ceres, Inc.

Boston, MA
Cultivating sustainable water management through investor and corporate leadership

Corporate Accountability International

Boston , MA
Public Water Works! Campaign

Food & Water Watch

Washington, DC
National Water Campaign

Milwaukee Environmental Consortium, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI
General support for the Great LakesCommons

Story of Stuff Project

Berkeley, CA
Unbottle Water: The Campaign to Defend Public Water

Trust for Conservation Innovation

Oakland, CA
Support for WaterNow and its Catalyzing Leaders Campaign